What is the most important thing in photography?

Is it mastery skills of all camera settings?

Or is it the ability to clearly build a winning composition in different lighting conditions?

May be it is creative and complete freedom from stereotypes and an endless flight of fantasy?

In my opinion, there are no rules or rigid framework in the photography art. The main censor is the goosebumps of the viewer. It either is or it is not.Each photographer sees this world in his own way, he puts a piece of his soul into each picture.

Vision is a special gift to see the beautiful in the ordinary. It is a mixture of aesthetics, taste and style.

You don’t have to look for perfect locations with massive decorations. The main thing is to see the details through which the creator conveys the mood.

And then even the village cabbage can become an ideal model that catches the eye and conquers with its refinement, tenderness of forms and velvet colors. Its natural nudity and delicate texture excites the imagination.

At some moment, you can find similarities with the famous symbol of the Chanel fashion house  “Сamellia flower”.

But that’s a completely different story…